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Rev. W. Lamont Hardison

My name is William L. Hardison. I have professionally  provided pre-marital guidance and relationship improvement using Prepare-Enrich as the foundation training for numerous couples for over 20 years.  This includes providing wedding preparations and officiating ceremony services. It has been an honor to witness both the foundation and restoration of relationships.


In addition to my experience with couples I am also a Board Certified Mental Health Coach. Through my training and experience I provide mentoring/coaching in helping individuals navigate questions of life. 

My experience and training has allowed me to focus on work both in the spiritual and secular world which I consider a huge asset in supporting people with various needs.

I have had the honor of being called into Christian Ministry since 1996. I have had the opportunity to serve within multi-cultural congregations, working with varied cultures throughout the world as well as the U.S.  I have been fortunate to move beyond my own comfort zone, even while serving in the Navy as a military officer. I am fully credentialed through the Church of God, Anderson, IN (non-denominational movement). 

I successfully completed a Clinical Pastoral Education as a Chaplain at Tampa General Hospital. This provided me the foundational level for pastoral care interface with clients in other areas such as, loss health related concerns. 

Most of my professional experiences have allowed me to uniquely serve my country, my community, my church, and most importantly, my family.  I am blessed to be married to my wife Hollie for 37 years and have two adult children, as well as two grandchildren.


I look forward to working with you to provide skilled, but most importantly a caring approach to serving you. 



  • Board Certified Mental Health Coach

  • Tampa General Hospital Chaplain
    Clinical Pastoral Education 2002


At TCS we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. We believe he died on the cross for our sins and will return one day soon!

Our Christian based therapists and coach can provide the unique lens of support. Faith centered counseling can be provided to draw from your greatest resource of strength. This is available at your request!

It is in the valley where we meet God and can start the process of restoration. We are honored to serve God and provide clinical and faith-based counseling services to those seeking this support.

Statement of Faith

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