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Its time to get real about yourself and therapy is a great mirror to help you learn and grow.


Follow my blogs for tips and support but remember seeing a therapist in person or via telehealth is the best support for your personal situation.

Authored by Danielle M. Sandy, M.A. LMHC & Founder of ©TCS

Client Reviews

“I started seeing Danielle during the Covid -19 pandemic. Working as a nurse and dealing with the emotional, mental and physical stress caused my anxiety to become overbearing. Danielle helped me start to challenge these thoughts and feelings as well as helped me ground myself and become more present. She offers amazing feedback in a judgement free zone and has a kindness to her that allows me to feel safe to open up. She is exactly what I was looking for in a therapist!”

Client Reviews are all submitted from former or current clients of ©TCS

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Once you fill out the form we'll follow up with you for a brief consultation. 

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After we speak you will receive an email to our secure and confidential portal to complete an intake prior to your appointment.

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Our role as your therapist is to support you along the way as an expert guide. We respect that each client is unique and we look forward to working together to support your needs

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