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Danielle M. Sandy,  M.A. LMHC

Help is Here

 Counseling services  designed to meet your unique needs, whether you're dealing with

  • Anxiety/Overwhelmed

  •  Life Transitions​​

  • Motherhood Challenges

  •  Work/Life Balance

  •  Premenstrual Mood Dysregulation Disorder (PMDD)

  •  Unhealthy Boundaries


Christian Counseling is offered for those seeking a both clinical and spiritual perspective in their counseling experience.

Trauma Therapy utilizing Accelerated Trauma Resolution (ART) therapy is also provided (in person only)

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 17+ years in the field of mental health

13 years as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Basic ART trained for trauma

Qualified Supervisor

Your Therapist

Client Reviews

A guiding light, a God-send,  that’s what Danielle has been to me. I’m so thankful God placed her in my path. Danielle has worked with me consistently for over a year to get me to my aha moment and help me change my life for the better. She practically and spiritually guides me, holds me  accountable and challenges me to be the woman that God is calling me to be. I struggle with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, control and she navigates me through these issues with me through patience and grace so that I can manage them with ease. She is a safe space and validates me and my experiences. Without her guidance I don’t think I would have been able to be introduced to this version of myself at this time in life. I’m breaking generational curses that I never thought I’d had the ability to break through Danielle’s guidance and  insight, and I’m forever indebted to her! 

"The grace and authenticity that Danielle has extended to me in every session was enough for me to know that she is a direct reflection of God’s love for me. I genuinely looked forward to regular sessions with Danielle and coming from a Caribbean background that says a lot. For us, therapy is often viewed with skepticism, but because of Danielle, I went from “oh therapy…” to “I can’t wait to tell Danielle about this!” I knew that I could trust her to never judge me or make me feel crazy for feeling the way I did. I knew that every time we sat in a session, she would use her wisdom from (and of) God as well as her education to guide me along the journey of understanding myself and life. Not only did I know that I could reach out and schedule a session when I felt like I was spiraling but I also knew that if I needed someone to push me closer to God, she would always be there. Honestly, there is no better way to explain my journey with Danielle except that she is an unequivocal blessing. I know that anybody that gets the opportunity to sit with her at least once will recognize that they are getting a reflection of a child of God, uniquely tailored to their own path."

"Danielle has been a great therapist for me! The pandemic and my blended family have caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. She has helped me through these times by providing me with lifelong tips and resources that I can use outside of therapy and in moments of distress to bring my thoughts and emotions back to a place of balance. I would recommend Danielle to anyone needing fresh renewal, someone on their support team, and someone that will help them dig deep to achieve balance in life and mental health."

Danielle has been a true God send for me! I searched high and low and could not be more grateful to have found her! When I started therapy I was broken and at a true low. She not only listened to me but also gave me tools to make decisions, set boundaries and re-take control of my life. I absolutely recommend her!

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Once you fill out the form we'll follow up with you for a brief consultation. 

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After we speak you will receive an email to our secure and confidential portal to complete an intake prior to your appointment.

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Our role as your therapist is to support you along the way as an expert guide. We respect that each client is unique and we look forward to working together to support your needs

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