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Back to School Grind: A Guide for Parents to Stay Balanced

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

As we prepare for the 2023 school year lets be reminded of a few things to keep us grounded.

1. Soak up this moment, Yes I said SOAK up this moment. Just think how quickly last school year went. Although the thought of the hustle and bustle of school can be daunting our kids will not be young forever. Take out your cameras and relish in the moment.

2. Practice what you preach. As parents we give our kids pep talks in the morning of how they “should” behave, about being kind, listening, and interacting with their teachers. We may take time to make a nutritious meal in the morning or send them with solid lunches. We do everything we can to set them up for success, but do we do the same for ourselves? Being a leader starts with taking care of yourself so you are actually able to lead. We need to follow the same simple advice we provide our kids because it serves a purpose for them as it does for ourselves.

3. Don’t expect perfection…RELAX. If you can expect anything expect hiccups, especially the first few weeks of a transition. Schedules are different, new teachers, new environments, and overstimulation. Have grace with your children if they are extra fussy. Have grace with yourself if you are a bit more scattered or forgetful. Even the best plans and list can’t account for life’s uncertainties. Relax!

You survived last school years' mishaps, stress, and craziness…you will surely survive this year!

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